15.07.010 Traffic Offenses 09-159 To Amend Title 16 Fireworks Ordinance 85-034 Section 140. "It was important to prove that we existed as a government.". NN.01.11 Authorization of Funds 12A.11.040 Notice Timber Fish and Wildlife . General Prohibition of Harassment 12A.08.060 Service of Petition and Summons to Appear Chapter 12.03 Tribal Court Jurisdiction 20.08.050 Duties of Election Committee at Polls 15.05.070 Transfer of Vehicles 04-146 to Approve and Adopt the Muckleshoot Gathering Ordinance, Tab P: Elder and Vulnerable Adult Code 12A.02.020 Prosecuting Attorney 5.13 Miscellaneous 13.02.010 Rules of Construction Section 8. 21.10.15 Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer Auburn, WA 98092. Session 6. Resolution Article 20. XX.04.06 Underwriting Standards 2.01.08 Execution and Return of Search Warrant 6.16.040 Resisting Arrest Resolution No. Purpose Article 3. "We felt we had been systematically wronged so often," said Bargala, now the tribe's vice chairman and head of the gaming commission. 7.01.080 Violations Addendum B: Day Care Rates, Fiscal Year 2003-2004, Tab I: Harassment Ordinance Audits Section 14. Chapter 14 Shellfish Sanitation Chapter 12A.03 Dependency Proceedings 21.10.17 Resisting Lawful Arrest 12A.06.090 Decree of Customary Adoption 94-057 21.07.04 Eligibility Requirements Resolution The reservation is located on Muckleshoot Prairie, between the White and Green rivers southeast of the city of Auburn (at .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}471543N 1220845W / 47.26194N 122.14583W / 47.26194; -122.14583) in King and Pierce counties. Chapter 8 Harvesting Identification, Registration Resolution No. 78-05-10 2.01.12 Rights of Accused at Arraignment 20.01.020 Timeline Ordinance No. Powers and Duties of the Executive Committee 13.04.100 Personal Property Resolution (Unnumbered) 21.13.03 Captions, Tab A: Loan Guarantee Ordinance 19.01.090 Yearly Audit and Report Section 1. 06-177 To Approve a Resolution Form to be Used by the Tribal Loan Guaranty Program to Formalize Loan Approvals Chapter 1: The Tribal Child Development and Child Care Assistance Program 4.03.03 Jury Duties 14.01.120 How Parent and Child Relationship Established 18.01.090 Muckleshoot Liquor Commission Section 25: Recusal of Directors and Officers 1.02.01 Muckleshoot Jurisdiction Defined (see Ordinance No.11-224) Section 01.040 When Loaned Property May be Deemed Donated Section 10: Criminal Violations Complaint Procedure No. 07-346 Chapter 12A.02 Duties of Court Personnel and Party Representatives Section 120. Chapter 12.04 Duty to Report Child Abuse Section 110. 1.03.06 Removal of Judges Section IX. Tensions with whites and mainstream society abated only slightly, however. Enter your official identification and contact details. 8.11.080 Exclusion from the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation Article 13. They have an approximate population of more than 3,000, making the Muckleshoot one of the largest Native American tribes in Washington State. V. Garnishments NN.01.10 Other Housing Assistance Services 5.6.120 Rendering Criminal Assistance The team announced the agreement Wednesday at a news conference in Seattle. Article VI: Customer Obligations Appointment and Removal of Judges Households with high housing cost burden*, by income (renter-occupied). Section 085. Powers and Duties of the Executive Committee VIII. Prior to its diversion in 1906, the White River split at Auburn with the primary flow of the White River joining the Green River and flowing north through Kent to Renton, where it became the Duwamish River. 12A.08.050 Pre-termination Report 2.01.16 Bail - Release Pending Appeal "The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe is proud to begin this first-of-its-kind partnership with the Kraken, who worked with us from day one to acknowledge that Climate Pledge Arena is located on our. They return its remains to the river where it was caught. Judges X. Amending the Governing Agreement 16.01.060 Operation of Sales Stands Controlled (See 09-209 and 09-159) Section 170. 13.13.10 Jurisdiction Resolution No. Chapter 12.02 Definitions 5.8.030 Forgery XX.01.010 Confidentiality 21.01.01 Jurisdiction 20.03.010 Appointment 02-385) The federally recognized Muckleshoot Indian Tribe is a group that formed post-Treaty, made up of related peoples who shared territory and later a reservation near Auburn. XX.02.03 The Loan Program Administrative Budget (See also Res. 5.6 Offenses by or Against Public Officers and Government 5.8.110 Disposing of Property of an Estate The Tribal Council continues to work with their staff to host vaccine clinics and provide information on the importance of vaccinations. Section 9. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to Apply 6.7.430 Minor Harvestors 19.01.060 Bonding Tribal Gaming. Section 5. Officers and Staff Resolution Muckleshoots openly defied state law and repeatedly were arrested for catching salmon in Lake Washington. Chapter 1. XX.04.02 Home Eligibility Requirements Contracts XX.03.06 Meetings For a . 09-104 to Enact a New Building Permit Ordinance and Repeal the Interim Building Permit Ordinance Resolution No. 13.04.030 Tenant's Duty to Maintain Premises Ordinance No. Chapter 12.06 Voluntary Safety Plans and Agreements Section 7: Voting Stock - Alienation 8.11.100 Criminal Offenses I. 14.01.160 Applicability 4.03.02 Rules Governing Jury Trial Ordinance No. Procedures for Transfer of Jurisdiction to the Muckleshoot Court of Justice 20.04.020 Election Committee Post Office Box 5.8.060 Criminal Trespass - Buildings 5.4.070 Maintaining a Public Nuisance Resolution Section 3. When McDermott introduced a bill in 2009 to have the Duwamish recognized, the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe sent John Daniels Jr., then its vice chairman, to testify against the plan in Congress . XX.03.02 Term of Office The Shakopee Mdewakanton are the wealthiest Native American tribe, going by the individual personal wealth. 5.1.020 Application 05-269 To Establish the Method for Service of Process on the Tribe and its Component Agencies and Departments, Title 4: Rules of the Court of Justice The policy aims to hire qualified persons for the position; this policy ensures that enrolled Tribal Members, their descendants and members of other federally recognized tribes are hired when they are . 5.5.030 Bigamy 12.01.090 Amendments 4.01.09 Rules of Evidence Performs daily chemical tests per policy, troubleshoots chemical problems and adds chemicals when needed. 21.12.02 Penalty Distribution Article VII: Miscellaneous 1.07.10 Limited Practice 18.01.070 Liquor Division Section 11. 21.12.03 Per Capita Withholds 15.08.030 Generally Ordinance No. (see Ordinance No. Deputies assigned to the Muckleshoot reservation include six patrol officers, one school resource officer, a storefront deputy, a Muckleshoot Housing Authority deputy and one police chief assigned full-time to the reservation. 5.9.010 Abduction A large Army quartermaster depot was established in the Green River Valley at the south end of Auburn to take advantage of railways. Northwest Intertribal Court System Governing Agreement Tuesday. Section VI. Official Website of the Lummi Indian Business Council. Ordinance No. The 2000 census reported a resident population of 3,606 on reservation land, with 28.65 percent reported solely Native American heritage. 05-272 to Enact a New Election Ordinance Ordinance No. Section 3: Wildlife Committee Chapter 15.01 Title, Findings and Purposes Adoption of Interim Rules of Procedure for Enforcement of Tribal Ordinances Article 16. Chapter 12.08 Per Capita Attachment Administration 5.5.070 Promoting Prostitution 4.01.03 Location for Filing . II. 12A.03.010 Initiation of Dependency Proceeding 9.02.01 Judges of the Appellate Court 21.11.08 Shooting From a Vehicle Section 7. Section 9. The three systems will offset 45% of the aggregated cost of electricity and save $388,134 over the life of the systems. 13.04.030 Tenants Duty to Maintain Premises (6.16.120 & 6.16.130 Withheld) and B. of the Governmental Personnel Policies and Procedures 16.01.110 Penalties Section 6. John has been instrumental in helping deliver much-needed services to his community, including affordable housing, tribal-run schools, substance use disorder counseling, and reclaiming Tribal autonomy. A complex social structure also emerged, consisting of a nobility, middle class, and slaves. Tribal Code Ch 1.01 Enrollment, Ordinance 21-106-click hereTribal Code Revized, Ordinance 21-130-click here, Online New Voter Registration Tool- Click here, Muckleshoot Tribal School Online Learning informaton- Click here, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Head Start Transtion to Online information - Click Here, Muckleshoot Housing Authority Online Payments. 21.11.15 Other Acts Prohibited Ordinance No. 07-235 To Amend Title 16 Fireworks Control Ordinance to Provide for a Per Container Fee 18.01.130 Effective Date Chapter 17.02 Cigarette Sales and Tax Code 12A.09.010 Policy Persons and Property Affected Section 7. 16.01.090 Tax Imposed (NB: All even numbered pages are missing). 16.01.100 Tax Revenue Appropriated [Reserved] Section 01.050 Requirements of Notice of Abandonment of Property 5.12 Miscellaneous Offenses "Indian tribes have always been seen as illegitimate nuisances," said Paisley, the tribe's economic manager. 12A.05.090 Extended Guardianship for Disability 13.13.040 Amendments Warrant to Search Chapter 13.11 [Reserved] Direct Deposit 4.01.11 Not Eligible as Security 95-098 Billing and Penalty Schedule (f) of the above stated Qualifications; and also (b) fish catch returns as specified in para. 5.8.130 Obtaining a Signature by Deception or Duress 06-176 & 06-177) Section 2. Chapter 15.02 Jurisdiction Chapter 2. 20.08.060 Duties of Election Administrator Prohibitions 2.01.02 Writ for Purpose of Bail 18.01.140 Effective Date of Recodification The seeds for this rebirth were sown in the early 1970s. XX.02.04 Ownership of Funds The deals, if completed by the tribe and the two cities, will allow Tacoma to build a water pipeline on the Green River, where the tribe enjoys fishing rights, and Seattle to develop the soon-to-be-closed 151-acre Sand Point naval base, which the tribe claims is part of its aboriginal fishing territory. Chapter 17 Miscellaneous V. Powers and Duties of the Governing Board A series of dynamic Muckleshoot leaders, most of them women, began fighting for what they believed were treaty rights guaranteed when the reservation was formed in 1857. 21.10.05 Hunting in Closed Areas 4.03.01 Jury Trial Section 01.070 Jurisdiction Juries 12A.03.160 Guardianship Reports 12A.07.050 Revocation of Relinquishment The Tribes name is derived from the native name for the prairie on which the Muckleshoot Reservation was established. 6.16.140 Section XV: Construction Requirements -- New Homes Constructed by the TDHE 20.06.040 List of Qualified Candidates Legal Authority and Tax Status 4.01.07 Court Decorum Section 4. Business Agents The Muckleshoots ratified their constitution on May 13, 1936, and their charter on October 21, 1936. 6.7.420 Unauthorized Persons Aboard Vessel What are the median and average incomes in Muckleshoot? 070. 2.01.11 Arraignment Website Login. Dissolution of MDA The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe is a federally recognized Indian tribe whose membership is composed of descendants of the Duwamish and Upper Puyallup people who inhabited Central Puget Sound for thousands of years before non-Indian settlement. Whulshootseed is a southern dialect of Lushootseed, which is part of the Coast Salish language group. Claims Against the MDA or Its Officers, Agents or Employees Chapter 13.04 Public Housing Section 180. 12.03.020 Concurrent Jurisdiction Appeal Procedure Return 12A.08.020 (Withheld) 20.10.010 Records 15.02.030 Implied Consent 04-386, Title 9: Court of Appeals Section IV: Home Loan Funding Sources Section 01.030 Unclaimed and Abandoned Property-Notice Section XVII: Assumption and Subleasing 13.05.070 Security to Create Lien 2.01.05 Summons in Lieu of Warrant 18.01.010 Findings and Purpose Ordinance No. Resolution No. 4.01.08 Exhibits Section 4: Hunting Regulations The Tribal Council. Already this year, the tribe has opened a casino that promises to make two to three times as much money annually as all other tribal enterprises combined. Purpose Chapter 8.13 Amphitheatre Taxes Sovereign Immunity Chapter 12.01 General Provisions Investigation and Written Investigative Report In the post-World War II era, Auburn began to be more industrialized. 6.11.090 Payment of Taxes 5.12.100 Violation of Tribal Law 12.04.070 Penalty for Failure In Muckleshoot Tribe v. Lummi Indian Tribe, 141 F.3d 1355, 1359-60 (9th Cir. No. 12A.04.030 Appeal of Permanent Plan Orders 2.01.08 Judgment Sexual Harassment Title 7: Muckleshoot Zoning Ordinance The Sheriff's Office provides quarterly and annual reports to our contract cities, and the Muckleshoot Tribe to review the workload of the contracted services. 12-080 To Amend the Tribal Code to Make Clear when Juries in Criminal Cases are Required, Title 3: Service of Process 21.04.05 Notice to Hunters of Decisions 5.11.020 Criminal Solicitation Buoyed by those lawsuits, the tribe for two decades fought to establish its rights in almost every facet of public life. 14.01.140 Limitation of Action Court. XX.04.016 Recording of Loan Documents (See Ord. 5.1.010 Purpose 16.01.140 Prior Fireworks Law Repealed Financial Accountability, Tab L: Tribal Preservation Program Repository 19.01.010 Purpose 15.05.020 License Office and Records 140. XX.01.08 HUD Audit Chapter 11 Commercial Harvesting Puyallup Tribe - Home Per Capita Contact information: Phone: (253) 573-7847 Email: PerCapita@PuyallupTribe-nsn.gov Email: GeneralWelfare@PuyallupTribe-nsn.gov Location: 3009 E Portland Ave Tacoma, WA 98404 Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Online Forms and Applications Address Change Form Tax Withholding Form Direct Deposit Form Part 12A: Civil Proceedings: Child and Family Welfare 6.15.020 Arrest [Withheld], Tab K: Ordinance Governing Council-Appointed Committees Section 15: Annual Meeting, Annual Report 4.02.03 Rights of Defendant Article II: [Withheld] It also includes law enforcement, fire protection, infrastructure improvements, and economic growth. XX.06.02 Transfers of Allotted Lands and Trust Leasehold Interest XX.04.03 Borrower Eligibility Requirements License Period and Fees Section 5: Eligible Hunters 06-334 4.03.04 6.10.020 Interference with Gear Prohibited 12A.01.020 Priority of Dependency Cases 6.2.030 Fish Commission - Powers and Duties 21.03.05 Duties and Responsibilities 6.8.520 Vessel Registration They established more self-government, under an elected Tribal Council. Chapter 6. Section 15. 21.10.07 Exceeding Bag Limits 13.09.030 Grievance Hearing The King County executive also toured the "Indian ghetto" after an aide said he wasn't even aware there was a reservation in the county. Chapter 13.13 General Provisions Resolution No. Section 070. Tim Hsaio reiterated his overweight (read: buy) recommendation on the stock, with a price target of $16.10 per share. 20.14.020 Request for a Petition for Recall The Reservation of the Muckleshoot Tribe lies right between the White and Green rivers. 12A.09.020 Who May Be Adopted 21.11.04 Transporting Big Game - Hunting Tag Required Article 10. 96-228 Enacting Title 5, Criminal Offenses 12A.07.030 Procedures for Voluntary Relinquishment "We are ready to shake off the chains of second-class citizenry and, for the first time in 150 years, take our destiny into our own hands," tribal Chairwoman Virginia Cross said recently. XX.01.09 Reporting 12A.01.080 Records and Confidentiality of Records 8.09.050 Tobacco Taxes Imposed Severability 17.02.060 Cigarette Tax - Levy 8.07.020 Seller to Collect Retail Sales Tax from Buyer No Waiver of Sovereign Immunity 1. Adopting Recodification of Muckleshoot Tribal Code of Laws: Res. 6.17.020 Sovereign Immunity Preserved 2.01.06 Search Warrant - Defined General Powers and Authority to Appoint Committees 7.01.060 Application of Regulations Authorized Act Not a Nuisance Session 4. Indemnification The latter were generally captured members of other tribes taken in raids or warfare. Section 01.060 Title to Abandoned Property Vests in the Tribe Ordinance No. 8.11.040 Returns and Records Failure to Pay The meeting-hall fire, which left the tribe with nothing, rallied the local Native-American community. 1.06.02 Acting Chief Judge (see Ordinance No. 12.06.020 Court Recommendation 2.01.20 Sentencing 20.08.010 Time and Place MUCKLESHOOT INDIAN TRIBE Fisheries Division 39015 -172nd Avenue SE Auburn, Washington 98092-9763 Phone: (253) 939-3311 Fax: (253) 931-0752 August 19, 2016 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers . 4.01.04 Copies of Documents 1.03.07 Recall of Judges Application Process 13.01.010 Findings 06-176 To Amend Chapter 2.03.060 of the Muckleshoot Tribal Code to Add New Section 2.03.060(a)(1) Obligations 8.09.040 Sovereign Immunity Per Capita Benefits for Minors Muckleshoot Tribal Schools is in King County, near Auburn. 6.11.110 Disbursement of Fish/Shellfish Tax Revenue 07-145 To Restate and Approve 3rd Amendment to the IGRA Revenue Allocation Plan [Withheld] 97-375 Guidelines for Per Capita Disbursement Section 1. Section 3. 16.01.030 Fireworks Commission (See 05-223 New last sentence) 02.387 To Amend the Muckleshoot Tribe Home Loan Act 4.01.18 Extradition 12A.01.010 Policy IV. 5.6.020 Official Misconduct Section 13. Section 1: General Provisions Ordinance No. NN.01.06 Eligibility NN.01.12 Appeals Process 14.01.180 Sovereign Immunity Our tribal population is over 5,100 and growing, with 2,700 members residing on the 22,000 acres Tulalip . 13.05.180 Appellate Review Stay Bond Article II: Administration 17.02.070 Definitions 5.8.180 Reckless Burning 4.01.02 Official Station 21.11.14 Assisting Another to Commit a Civil Violation 17.02.040 Definitions Executive Committee The Muckleshoot, Tulalip, and Puyallup Indian Tribes stand together in opposition to granting the Duwamish Organization federal recognition. Accounting Policies and Reports 5.4 Offenses Against Public Safety Stevenson said the council are the top elected officials of the sovereign government that is the policy authority . Chapter 15.03 Rules of the Road 5.13.010 Sovereign Immunity Preserved Findings and Policy Ordinance No. Many lost their houses, businesses, and property. 21.13.02 Sovereign Immunity Preserved 12A.02.040 Spokespersons In the fall of 1970, the federal government, the Muckleshoots and six other tribes sued the state for restricting Native-American salmon fishing. Resolution No. 5.8.140 Unauthorized Use of Property Section 12: Tribal Court -- Jurisdiction Ordinance No. It's part of their effort to honor the tribal communities who were the original inhabitants of the central Puget Sound area, as well as their ancestors. On Reservation Hunting Season Regulations #01 Chapter 12A.11 Youth Emancipation 13.12.070 General Provisions 21.04.04 Hunters Charged with Knowledge of Laws 5.6.130 Resisting Lawful Arrest 13.05.010 Purpose 4.04.03 Conviction and Sentencing The tribal liaison shared with Bobbie Jo that even if . 5.5.060 Prostitution Chapter 12.07 Placement Preferences and Facilities Gaming Revenue Allocation Plan Amended, Title 15: Traffic Ordinance Muckleshoot Motor Vehicle Licensing Ordinance 78-25-7 Amendment of Liquor Ordinance 12A.04.040 Permanent Plan Review Hearings 21.10.04 Hunting During Closed Season 15.03.010 Rules 5.7.100 Indecent Liberties 5.8.220 Vehicle Prowling Section 15. 21.11.09 Shooting Firearms Across Paved Public Highway Section 6 Hunting Identification and Hunting Tags Resolution No. - The Washington State Gambling Commission has reached a tentative agreement with the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe on an amendment to its Class III gaming compact. Ordinance No. 5.5.020 Promoting Suicide Attempt 12.04.080 Allegations of Abuse or Neglect Arising in Court Proceedings 15.05.030 License Certificates 02.089) Resolution No. XX.03.07 Quorum 5.6.050 Disobedience of Lawful Order of Court 78-97-5 15.05.010 Tribal Vehicles 14.01.110 Relationship Not Dependent on Marriage 18.01.110 Penalty 7.01.020 Findings (see Resolution No. 87-224 17.01.060 Tobacco Control Commission About half the working-age people on the reservation still are unemployed, and the per-capita income there is only $4,000 annually. 17.01.090 Relation to Other Tribal Laws Penalties 13.13.020 Suits for Damages Food sovereignty essentially means that a community can decide what foods they will use to sustain themselves and their cultures. Section IX: Loan Application The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe (MIT) was one of the first sites in the state to host a mass vaccination clinic for the Tribe's members and their households. While they continue to fight for the preservation of the ancient salmon runs, the Muckleshoot also found other venues to improve their economy. 19.01.020 Muckleshoot Tribal Enterprises to Continue as Branch of Tribal Government/Authority 80-21-8 Section XIX: Loan Servicing XX.06.07 Inheritance of Property NN.01.07 Program Procedures 8.11.030 Affirmative Action Tax Credit 5.11.010 Criminal Attempt See About the Data. II. 20.06.050 Withdrawal of Name 13.05.110 Intervention 15.06.020 Notice Appearance Bond 2.01.05 Service of Writ 11-273 to Adopt an Amended Enrollment Ordinance 8.11.010 Business, Sales and Tobacco Tax Fund 5.5.010 Attempted Suicide Today, the United States recognizes the Muckleshoot Tribe as a tribal successor to the Duwamish and Upper Puyallup bandsfrom which the Tribes membership descends. Ordinance No. 040. Ordinance No. 6.16.060 Interference with Fisheries Division Personnel 5.3.010 Disorderly Conduct Some 72.6 percent of the reservation's population lives within the city boundaries. 12A.11.020 Contents of Petition But still, the per-capita income is $4,000 a year. 13.05.030 Definitions 6.16.081 Operation of a Boat in a Reckless Manner VI. 12A.08.100 Appeal Muckleshoot Gaming Act of 1992, as Amended 12A.09.100 Decree of Adoption Sovereign Immunity Preserved Ordinance No. 11-214 To Approve and Adopt the Revised Muckleshoot Hunting Ordinance Article 8. 5.6.060 Escape from Law Enforcement Section 4. Civil Remedies Section 13. 12-106 To Adjust the Fireworks Discharge Times to Provide for No Discharge of Fireworks Earlier than 10 AM Section II: The Loan Underwriting Committee 21.10.09 Hunting With Artificial Light 13.10.020 Procedure for Appeal They have an approximate population of more than 3,000, making the Muckleshoot one of the largest Native American tribes in Washington State. 12A.05.100 Guardianship Review, Modification or Termination With the tribe's $6 million in federal grants each year threatened by budget cuts, not even the large profits predicted from the casino can dig the tribe out of its economic hole, the Muckleshoots say. 6.6.020 Regulations (NB: All even numbered pages are missing). Chapter 15.06 Traffic Infractions 12.06.010 Purpose 12A.09.090 Adoption Hearing 5.8.010 Embezzlement The Green River was considered a tributary of the White River, and the reach of the river between Auburn and Renton was called the White River. The long "fish wars" between whites and the tribes culminated with federal Judge George Boldt's landmark ruling in 1974 that the tribes were entitled to half of the state's salmon catch.