Temporary Inlet Protection, Filter Sock (rev. E 718-UNDR-04 E 601-MGSA-23, Drawing Index and General Notes E 805-SGCO-05 07/27/99, format update only), Pipe Culvert Sumping Protection (editorial rev. E 720-ICCA-16 W-Beam Guardrail, Two-Lane Two-Way Roadway, Working Width, 3'-3" and < 4'-0" (new 09/01/19) Quadri-Chord Arm Connection (Top) to Column (new 09/03/13) 11/15/99, format update only) 09/01/17) Cover Limits--Vitrified Clay Pipe (rev. Alternate Drilled Shaft Foundation for Median or Shoulder, 36" Height (new 09/03/13) E 616-SWCO-05 Interior Walkway Grating Details (new 09/03/13) E 617-CDIN-02 E 601-RHPG-06 Connection Details (new 09/03/13) 09/01/11), E 601-NWGA-01 Public Road Approach Type C Table Of Values (rev. 09/01/18) Pruning Procedure, Heavier Limbs (rev. Omitted Post E 622-LSPL-04 07/27/99, format update only), E 715-MPES-01 E 603-FFTF-04, Farm Field Type Fence Elevation, Post Chart (eff. Effective on or after September 1, 2022. Cover Limits--Corr. 09/01/18) 07/27/99, format update only) 09/01/19) Light Service Point Details Cabinet Wiring Type I (eff. E 802-SBTS-24 Light Standard Square Fdn. 09/02/14) E 802-TCSS-08 09/03/02) Conventional Light Foundation for 45" Concrete Median Wall Installation (eff. Steel Sign Posts (deleted 09/01/17), Overhead Sign Bridge Spans (eff. Steel Diaphragms Indiana Bulb-Tees, 54" Depth (eff. 09/04/12, editorial only) 11/15/99, format update only) E 715-PHCL-20 E 706-TTTF-04, Bridge Railing Transition, TTF-2 Plan & Elevation (rev. E 622-LSPL-07 Railing, PF-1 and PS-1 Base Plate and Reinforcing Bar Bending Details (rev. Guardrail End Treatment Type II Layout (eff. E 601-MGSA-10 Light Handhole Connections (rev. Three-Sided Concrete Culvert Scour Protection, Plan, 10'-0" Span Width < 20'-0". Grated Box End Section Type I Dimensions (rev. Slopewall and Drainage Details (rev. 09/01/19) 09/04/12), E 706-CBRT-01 Private Drive Crossover Plans (new 09/01/19) E 802-DMSS-18 E 808-MKNB-05, Traffic Control Devices at Narrow Bridge on Two Lane Road (eff. E 720-INST-02 Urban Route Marker Assemblies (new 09/01/17), E 801-TCDV-01 E 805-SDAC-03 Inlet Type M & R (eff. PVC and Polypropylene Pipe (rev. Wiring Layout Details (new 09/03/13) E 610-DRIV-14 Expansion Joint Class SS Joint-Setting Information (edit. 11/15/99, format update only), E 601-TTGB-01 Horizontal and Vertical Sheet Sign Clearance (edit. Temporary Slope Drain (edit. Nested W-Beam Guardrail Assembly for Small Drainage Structure (eff. Worksite Speed Limit Sign Assembly for Intermittent Use (Workers Present) (rev. Combination Pole Splice Details for Arms 35' or Less (rev. Pipe, Structural-Plate, Steel, Bolted: 6 x 2 (rev. 09/01/11), E 715-BKFL-01 E 601-GRET-06 E 720-ICCA-03 E 610-DRIV-16 Guardrail Transition w/ Curb (edit. Pipe, Elevation & Section (rev. E 802-TCSS-06 Inlets Type S & T (eff. E 720-INST-06 Signal Arm Pole Base Plate, Bottom Splice Plates, and Pole Top Cover Details (rev. E 720-INST-05A Signal Indication Mounted on Steel Poles (rev. E 802-SNWR-03 E 802-SBTS-03 11/15/99, format update only), Curb Turnout to A-3 Inlet (rev. E 802-SCSB-02 Cable Terminal Anchor System E 601-MGSA-13 E 807-LTFD-04 09/01/17) 11/15/99, format update only), Types A, B, C, D and Identification Sign (rev. Arm Connection Details (new 09/03/13) Inlet Type H (eff. E 601-GRBS-05 Pipe-Arch, Structural-Plate, Steel, Bolted: 6 x 2 (rev. 11/15/99, format update only) Conventional Light Foundation for 33" Concrete Median Wall Installation (eff. 11/15/99, format update only), Inlet Casting Type 6 (rev. Anchor Bolt Detail Signal Steel Strain Poles (eff. Pedestal Mounted Solar Powered School Speed Limit Flashing Beacon Assembly (rev. 09/01/19), W-Beam to Thrie-Beam Guardrail Transition Type WGT, Nonmotorized-Vehicle-Use Facility, HMA Pavement, Concrete Curbs, Asphalt Curbs, & Sawed Joints, Concrete Gutter & Curb Stirrup Bending Diagram, Transition of Earth Shoulder to Curb Section, Pavement Corrugations, Rumble Strips, and Rumble Stripes, RCBA Extension for Bridge Railing Transition (prev. Grated Box End Section Type I Dimensions (rev. Double Arm Connections, Weld Details, Chord End Plate Details, and Camber (new 09/03/13) 09/01/11) Doing Business with INDOT; Standards & Specifications; Standard Drawings; Current: Section 600. 09/01/11) Panel Sign Connection Details (rev. 09/01/16) Expansion Joint Class SS Sidewalk, Sections (rev. Grounding Grid, Bonding Plate, and Thermoweld (rev. 03/03/03) 09/01/21) 09/01/15) E 720-CBST-04 General Notes (rev. 11/15/99, format update only) E 707-SDPC-04 09/01/17), E 611-MBAS-01 09/04/01) 11/15/99, format update only), E 720-INST-01 Fabrication Tolerances Prestressed I-Beam (rev. Inlet Type D (rev. E 601-CWGS-06, Guardrailed Public Road Approach at Bridge End (rev. Class II, IV & V Drives Approach Grades (rev. Handhole and I.D. E 808-MKRM-06 E 720-ICCA-09A Pipe, Structural-Plate, Steel, Bolted: 6 x 2 (rev. Class VI Drive Approach Grades (rev. E 802-SCLS-03 Casting Type 15 Curb Box (rev. E 707-BPBF-02 E 601-TTGP-03, Lap Detail, Post and Block Details (eff. E 802-SBTS-19 E 801-TCCO-02 E 606-SHCG-06 E 610-DRIV-19 E 715-PHCL-10 E 801-TCSN-05 03/01/05), Right-of-Way Marker and Concrete Parking Barrier (eff. Highway Illumination Tower Winch Drive Details (rev. Alternate Drilled Shaft Foundation at 33" Concrete Barrier Wall (new 09/03/13) 09/01/05) 07/27/99, format update only) E 715-MPCA-02, Double or Triple Pipes (rev. E 601-RHPG-05 Dictionary of Standardized Work Tasks. Installation Details 11/15/99, format update only) E 601-TTGP-02 11/15/99, format update only) Existing Composite Pavement to New Thicker PCCP (eff. E 808-MKNB-04 E 809-ITSC-07, ITS Cabinet Detail (eff. Steel Pipe 5" x 1"(Lock Seam) (rev. (eff. IWA Turf Removal #Rebates are available for residential and commercial customers. Miscellaneous Pipe Details (rev. Installation and Splice Detail (eff. E 807-BLIT-04, Section & Plan Views (rev. E 610-PRAP-12 09/01/11), E 707-SDPC-01 MGS W-Beam Guardrail, Two-Lane Two-Way Roadway, Working Width, 4'-5" and < 5'-0" (new 09/01/19), Thrie-Beam Rail Section, Terminal Connector, Transition (rev, 09/01/18) Cabinet Punchout Details (eff. E 805-SDAC-06 E 805-SGLI-06, Traffic Signal Loop Installation (rev. 09/03/02) 09/01/17) Bar-Bending Diagrams (rev. 11/15/99, format update only) 09/01/18) 03/01/06) Steel Diaphragms Indiana Bulb-Tees, 60" or Deeper (eff. Tag Details (new 09/03/13) Paved Side Ditch Sections & Isometrics Types A-H and J-M (rev. Temporary Check Dam, Traversable (new 09/01/19) 09/01/09) 09/02/03) Drawing Series & Numbers. Standard Drawings: Section 100: Section 200: Section 300: Section 400: Section 500: Section 600: Section 700: Section 800: Section 600 - Incidental Construction; . 09/01/19) Cover Limits--Reinforced Concrete Pipe (rev. Type S for Steel Beams (rev. E 715-SMES-06 E 211-BFIL-04 E 715-MPES-03, Metal Pipe End Section, Circular Pipe (rev. E 601-GRBS-04 09/01/19) 09/01/20) 11/15/99, format update only), E 717-MPCA-01 11/15/99, format update only), Guardrail Transition Type TGT Plan & Elevation (eff. 09/04/12, prev. E 706-TTFC-02 Navigate to District Specific Standards to view specific drawings that pertain to IDOT districts. Wide-Flange Sign Support and Panel Sign Drawing Index (new 09/01/17) Wide-Flange Sign Support Placement and Post Spacing ( rev. Walkway Grating Details (new 09/03/13) Pipe-Arch, Structural-Plate, Alum. 09/01/17 ) E 724-BSSJ-03 E 802-SNGS-09 ITS Cabinet Microloop Card Rack Wiring Diagram (eff. E 715-PHCL-15 Loading Diagrams (new 09/03/13) E 802-TCSS-04 E 801-TCTC-05 E 801-TCSN-02 Grading at Guardrail End Treatments Grading Cross Sections (eff. Pipe, Dimensions Tables: Circular Pipes & Pipe-Arches (rev. E 607-PSDT-06, Paved Side Ditch Elevations Types A-H and J-M (eff. Controller Cabinet Foundation Type M (rev. E 802-DMSS-09 09/01/11) 09/03/02) 09/01/19) 09/04/01) 07/27/99, format update only) E 601-GRBS-02 Railing Type FT and Moment Slab Atop MSE Wall HMA Pavement (del. 09/01/16), E 801-TCTC-01 E 717-ANCH-02 2020 Standard Drawings. 09/01/18) 03/01/04) Pipe Backfill Limit Determination (eff. and Bridge Standards and Specifications. 11/15/99, format update only) 11/15/99, format update only) E 807-LTHH-03, Light Handhole Details (rev. 03/01/02) Freeway Exit Ramp (rev. Construction Memorandums; Design Memorandums; General Instructions to Field Employees (GIFE) Interstate Highways . Alum. 09/01/18) Flange & Chord End Plate Details (new 09/03/13) 09/02/14) Foundation Details (rev. Spread Foundation (new 09/03/13), E 805-PPBA-01 Catch Basin Type D (eff. Patch Lengths Greater Than 15' and Less Than or Equal to 60' (new 09/01/20) 09/01/19), Non-Motorized Vehicle Use Facility PCCP Pavement Section, Guardrail Transition Type WGB (del. 09/01/11) E 801-TCLC-15 09/01/17), E 805-SGGR-01 09/01/17) 09/01/09) Public Road Approach Type A (rev. E 802-DMSS-19 Tree Protection (rev. E 807-LTFD-03 E 706-MSRW-03 E 717-PHCL-08 Alum. E 807-LTHI-09 09/01/17) E 805-TSCS-17 E 808-DLIM-09, Drawing Index and General Notes (rev. Existing PCCP to New PCCP (eff. E 720-ICCA-11 Casting Type I Frame & Grate (eff. Planting Bare Root Tree (rev. Catch Basin Type S (eff. Truss Sections, Table with Member Sizes (new 09/03/13) Corr. 09/02/03) 09/02/08) Plan, Elevation, Member Size, and Camber (new 09/02/14) (eff. E 707-SDPC-03 E 802-SNGP-10 E 601-TTGB-02 County bridge standards. E 720-CBST-09, Catch Basin Type A (eff. Double Arm and Quadri-Chord Column Handhole and I.D. 09/01/11) Alloy, Steel-Bolted: 9 x 2 (rev. 09/04/12) 09/04/07), E 723-CCSP-01 E 303-STRW. E 801-TCDV-12, Index Sheet Traffic Control Devices (rev. Steel Sign Post Selection Table (rev. E 601-TTGB-05, Plan and Elevation (eff. Urban Detour With One-Way Streets (new 09/01/17) E 807-LTHI-06 Member Sizes and Camber (new 09/03/13) E 720-ICCA-10 09/01/11) E 601-WBGC-02 Clover Leaf Freeway Exit Ramps (rev. 11/15/99, format update only), Landscape Signs (rev. E 610-DRIV-10 Alloy Pipe 2 2/3" x 1/2"(Lock Seam) (rev. 09/04/12, editorial only) E 805-SGFB-05, Flashing Beacon with Warning Sign (rev. Pipe Backfill Method 1, Existing Asphalt Roadway, Trench (edit. E 801-TCCB-04 11/15/99, format update only), E 805-SGSC-01 11/15/99, format update only) W-Beam Post and Block Details (eff. Bridge Approach (eff. Curb Inlet Casting Type 3 (rev. Smooth Pipe, Dimensions Tables: Circular & Elliptical Pipes (rev. Shoulder Treatment Resurfacing Work. 09/01/16) Inlet Type N (eff. Anchored Temporary Concrete Barrier, Ferrule Loop Insert (new 09/01/19), E 801-TCCO-01 Railing & Moment Slab at MSE (edit. 09/04/12) E 606-SHCG-10 Highway Illumination Tower Luminaire Ring Assembly (rev. For questions, comments, or suggestions about specific Standard Drawings, please contact the Highway Design Section at (208) 334-8528. Word Messages "ONLY" and "X-ING" (rev. E 807-LTHI-07 Long-Span E 802-SNGP-04 E 805-TSCS-09 E 802-DMSS-23, Drawing Index (new 09/03/13) E 601-MGSA-21 09/01/16) Doing Business with INDOT. E 601-MGSA-14 09/01/17) E 715-PHCL-12 E 802-DMSS-03 E 807-LTUP-06 09/02/08), Precast Concrete End Section (rev. 09/01/11), E 601-GRET-04 Plan & Sections (rev. Temporary Check Dam, Revetment Riprap (new 09/01/19) E 802-TCSS-12 Alum. Thrie-Beam Post and Block Details (eff. E 805-SGCO-02 E 715-BKFL-10, Pipe Backfill Method 1, New Roadway, Trench (eff. E 706-MSRW-04 E 605-GTRC-02 E 808-MKRM-02 E 609-RCBA-02 Underpass Lighting Details Pendant Hanger Detail (eff. Casting Type 5 (Alternate) Frame & Grate (eff. ITS Standard Drawings. E 717-PHCL-02 11/15/99, format update only) E 801-TCSN-03 Continuous Lane Closures: Right Lane Closed (rev. 09/04/01), E 802-SNCS-01 Underdrain Details (rev. Daylight Lane Closures: Left or Center Lane Closed (rev. E 205-TECS-02 Unauthorized use of any or all of these drawings may be prosecuted to the fullest . E 205-TECD-03 09/01/06), Earth Ditch Casting Type 7 (rev. E 805-SGFB-03 General Notes (del. E 801-TCLC-04 Threaded Grounding Bushing (rev. 09/04/12) 09/01/11) 11/15/99, format update only) E 610-DRIV-06 Pipe-Arch, Structural-Plate, Alum. E 801-TCTC-03 E 802-SBTS-02 01 Definitions General Provisions 101 through 150. . E 717-PHCL-07 Detectable Warning Elements shall be installed in accordance with INDOT Standard Drawing No. Longitudinal Construction Joint (del. E 701-BPIL-04) E 805-TSCS-03 End Buffer Details (rev. INDOT does not provide hard copies of the Standard Specifications outside of the Department. Upper Chord Connection Details (new 09/03/13) Structure Type G, H, or I Foundation at 33" Concrete Barrier (new 09/03/13) Steel Pipe 2 2/3" x 1/2"(Riveted) (rev. 09/02/03), E 720-MHCA-01 E 808-MKRM-04 Bracket and End Plate Details (eff. E 601-NWGA-02 Longitudinal Joint Details (rev. RPM Casting Replacement (eff. 09/01/19) 09/01/15), Pavement Section (rev. E 805-SDAC-07 Handhole and I.D. Approach Grade Cut or Fill (del. Inlet Type HA Section B-B (eff. Railing, TX Window Details (rev. Standards & Specifications. 09/03/13, editorial only) Foundation, Drilled Shaft Type F, for Dual Arms Greater Than 35' to 45' (new 09/03/13), E 805-SGCF-01 Concrete Barrier Details & General Notes (eff. E 724-BSSJ-04A Deck Drain Type OS or SQ Adjusting Frame (eff. 09/04/12) E 205-TECD-05 09/01/20) E 802-DMSS-04 E 715-GBTO-02 Fabrication Tolerances Prestressed Bulb-Tee Beam (rev. E 503-CCPJ-08, PCCP Joints Index (rev. E 805-SDAC-09, Drawing Index (new 09/03/13) 09/03/13, editorial only) E 807-LTUP-04 03/01/04), New Installation or Extension of Existing (rev. MGS W-Beam Guardrail, Multi-Lane Divided Roadway, Working Width, 4'-5" and < 5'-0" (new 09/01/19) 09/01/17, format update only) E 802-SBTS-18 SUBJECT: INDOT 2021 Standard Drawings EFFECTIVE: Lettings on or after September 1, 2021 The 2021 INDOT Standard Drawings are now available from the Standards and Specifications E 805-TSCS-12 09/01/11), Riprap Slopewall Details (rev. Pipe (rev. E 601-GAIA-03, Alignment of Attenuator, Pad & Roadway (eff. 09/02/14, editorial only), E 610-PRAP-01 E 601-MGSA-06 09/01/17, format update only) E 715-GBTT-04 E 605-CNCC-03, Concrete Center Curb Type A (eff. Highway Illumination Tower Perforated Aluminum Skirt (new 09/01/17) 09/04/01) Worksite Speed Limit Sign Assembly for Continuous Use (24/7) (rev. Alloy, Steel-Bolted: 9 x 2 (rev. Grounding Details (rev. 09/02/08) Channel Mount (rev. Foundation, Drilled Shaft Type E, for Dual Arms 35' or Less (new 09/03/13) E 801-TCDT-04, Rural Detour (rev. Public Road Crossover Plan for HMA Pavement (eff. 09/01/19) Wood Post Design for Temporary Panel Signs (rev. E 802-SNGS-02 Public Road Approach Type D (rev. 09/01/19) Rumble Stripe Limits: Near an Intersection, Drive, Bridge, or Railroad (new 09/01/19) Drilled Shaft Foundation (new 09/03/13) E 601-GCTA-06, End Panel Plan & Elevation (eff. Traffic Control Devices Narrow Bridge Divided Highway (rev. E 604-SWCR-14, Curb Ramp Drawing Index and General Notes (rev. E 720-SDCP-02 E 807-LTUP-02 Casting Type 14 Frame & Grate (eff. Type S Table of Dimensions (rev. Detector Card Rack Detail (eff. 09/03/02) 09/01/11) E 706-BRPP-03 Worksite Speed Limit Sign Assembly Longitudinal Placement (rev. 09/01/17, format update only) E 808-MKPM-07), E 808-MKRM-01 E 707-SDPC-06, Steel Diaphragms AASHTO I-Beams (eff. E 802-SCLS-05 09/04/12, editorial only) 09/01/17) Steel H-Pile Splice (eff. 09/01/17, format update only) End Support Base Plate and I.D. Underpass Lighting Details Wall Mounting (rev. Street Or Alley Approach PCCP or HMA Mainline Pavement (rev. 09/01/19) E 807-LTHI-03 9 pages long based on 450 words per page.Nebraska Standard Specifications and Supplements 2002. E 720-MHST-07 TS 1GOVERNING DOCUMENTS3. 09/04/01) E 706-TASE), Right-of-Way Marker and Concrete Parking Barrier, Painting Requirements for Weathering Steel, Bridge Railing Shape F (prev. E 503-BATJ-03, Terminal Joint Index and General Notes (rev. E 610-PRAP-07 09/01/11) E 717-PHCL-06 01/03/00) 01/03/00) Steel Pipe 3" x 1"(Riveted) (rev. Standard Drawings. Metal Pipe End Section Connections (rev. 11/15/99, format udpate only) E 720-INST-05 09/01/18) 09/01/19) Posted: January 08, 2021 Full-Time . E 606-SHCG-04 09/04/07) 09/01/17, format update only) Clover Leaf Entrance Ramps 09/02/14) 09/04/12), Type A Construction Joint (rev. E 801-TCCB-03 09/01/21) 09/02/03) (eff. E 801-TCDV-09 E 601-MGSA-07 E 807-LTFD-07 Bridges and Structures. 07/27/99, format update only) Continuous Lane Closures: Left Lane Closed (eff. E 717-PHCL-10, Pipe, Structural-Plate, Alum. 09/04/07), E 715-GBTO-01 E 717-PHCL-03 09/01/16) E 701-BPIL-02 09/03/02), E 807-LTHH-01 09/01/19, format update only) Pipe, Parallel-Structure End Section (rev. E 610-PRCO-03 09/01/19) 09/01/17) E 715-SMES-09 Traffic Control for Lane Closure (eff. E 601-RHPG-08 E 707-SDPC-05 E 622-LSPR-04 (a) Vault materials shall be in accordance with INDOT Standard Specification 807.03* as effective September 1, 2019. Highway Illumination Tower Bottom Latch and Winch Details (rev. E 509-CCJR-04, Joint Repair Index and General Notes (new 09/01/21) E 720-INST-03 E 805-SGSP-04 E 506-CCPP-03 INDOT > Doing Business with INDOT > Standards & Specifications > Standard Drawings > September 2014 > English Sections 100-300. Bridge Railing Transition, TTF-2 Bar-Bending Diagrams (rev. E 503-CCPJ-07 03/01/06) 11/15/99, format update only) 11/15/99, format update only), E 720-ICCA-01 E 802-TCSS-09 E 715-PHCL-19 09/01/99) E 802-SCLS-02 09/04/07) Pipe Backfill Method 1, Existing Roadway, Trench (edit. Double Arm Panel Dimensions and Member Sizes (new 09/03/13)